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You are just 30 seconds away from the
perfect goose down top-up and repair for your down jacket or sleeping bag.

Kit in a Tin - All you Need on any Expedition -
Long Lasting and Refillable Kit-in-a-Tin

If you’ve lost only a bit of down (not enough to justify our full down refill kit) then why not order our “kit-in-a-tin”, which comes with 10 patches, a small pack of goose down refill and mini tweezers? The tin is tough and waterproof to protect its contents in any conditions.

Each kit contains 10 patches (circles: 1.6cm-5cm diameter), insertion tweezersinstructions and mini top up bag of 1gm of the highest quality, humanely and ethically sourced, 100% pure, untreated goose down (800+ Fill Power – the most effective insulating filling for down jackets and sleeping bags) for NZ$33.65 – including free P&P worldwide.

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How to Repair

1. Find that annoying tear in your lovely down jacket.
2. If you need extra down to make your jacket or sleeping bag plump and cosy,
grab our mini down refill and mini tweezers and, carefully opening the self-seal bag, insert the required amount of new down.
3. Poke those downy feathers back in.
4. Select the most appropriate sized patch for your repair job.
5. Peel backing from the down jacket repair patch.
6. Spread the torn area flat.
7. Place patch over the tear and press down firmly.
8. Show off your newly repaired jacket to the envy of friends and family!

Before anything else,
preparation is the key to success.

Alexander Graham Bell